Original Landscape Painting by Daniel Johnson | Impressionism Art on Canvas | Great ocean road sunset
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Seascapes & Water

The allure of the sea is a timeless yearning for so many of us, and artists are no different. Whether you are drawn to stormy seascapes, beach scenes and bathers, rivers and ponds, or vast oceans of blue portrayed at any time of day, there is a painting you’ll love. These pieces were created by living artists who share your love of water.

12 Paintings of Oceans at Sunset that Aren’t Basic

Art has the ability to transport us to another time and place. This is a collection of interesting paintings I found on Saatchi Art which represent the ocean at sunset. It’s a mix of abstract ocean paintings, realistic ocean paintings, and impressionist ocean paintings — all at sunset. As always, I recommend you buy art that inspires you, reminds you of happy times and places, and brightens your space. Enjoy!

Monet’s Water Lilies Inspire New Original Paintings

Key Takeaway: If you can’t get enough of Monet’s water lilies, you’re not alone. When it’s time to put them on your walls, consider whether you want to buy a sub-standard print of the real deal or buy a painting from a real artist who brings new life to a favorite subject. Monet’s paintings of water lilies are well known. If you feel like your knowledge or your visual picture of these iconic paintings has some holes, check out this … Read More