Repertoire No. 3 by Bernardo Lira
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As long as humans have picked up a device to draw with, we have been drawing people. Whether for storytelling or portraiture, or just plain respect for the human form, there is a practically unlimited amount of art depicting people out there. Whether you choose a painting of a famous person because you admire them, or something more anonymous but in a style you love — abstract, realistic, impressionistic, etc. — you’ll find that having people-centric art brings life to your home or office.

Bombay Beach Drive-in

The past meets the present in this colorful mixed media painting featuring the Bombay Beach Drive-In. Layers of acrylic paint and paper are the background for the hand printed images on wood panel that is wired and ready to hang.… Read More

Lust for Life

Inspired by the book Irving Stone, “Lust for Life”.
About the life of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.
The book impressed me so much that I had to cry while i was reading.… Read More