Peacock & Aloe Photograph by Jessyca Frederick
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Fauna (Animals)

Like people, humans have been creating representations of animals since the dawn of the drawing stick. In nature, our encounters with animals are typically fleeting, but in art we can hold that image permanently. Many humans are drawn to animals because they seem pure, not bogged down by human trivialities. Pictures of animals, like people, can reflect our own emotions back at us, sometimes evoking new emotions from the ones we’re already feeling. Having art of animals on your walls gives you something to connect to everyday.

6 Original Paintings of Peacocks in a Traditional Style

I love birds. I love them in person and I love them in art. My first piece of public art featured Hooded Orioles because I love birds. One of my favorite birds? Peacocks. They’re just so … majestic. And aloof. The main image on this post is a photo I took of a peacock at the Los Angeles Arboretum where they wander around like they own the place. I sifted through 634 paintings of peacocks on Saatchi Art and found … Read More

24 Original Paintings of Peacocks in a Less-Conventional Style

I think it’s high time for a trend involving peacocks. Their natural color palette is soothing, “put a bird on it” never really gets old, and regal never goes out of style. I sifted through 634 paintings of peacocks on Saatchi Art and found this selection of exceptional peacocks painted in non-traditional styles ranging from abstract to impressionist. Browse more original peacock paintings done in a traditional style.