Original Landscape Painting by Daniel Johnson | Impressionism Art on Canvas | Great ocean road sunset
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Existing on a continuum, abstraction can range from barely abstracted (a reasonable attempt to copy exactly what one sees) to total abstraction, which includes no identifiable real-world objects or figures. At first it is hard to understand such a vast subject, but it’s really best to think of it this way: a photograph has the least amount of abstraction possible and Jackson Pollock — along with other famous artists like Rothko, Albers, and Miro — represents complete abstraction. The abstract paintings and drawings collected here include subjects you can identify and totally abstracted pieces which are very popular right now.

12 Paintings of Oceans at Sunset that Aren’t Basic

Art has the ability to transport us to another time and place. This is a collection of interesting paintings I found on Saatchi Art which represent the ocean at sunset. It’s a mix of abstract ocean paintings, realistic ocean paintings, and impressionist ocean paintings — all at sunset. As always, I recommend you buy art that inspires you, reminds you of happy times and places, and brightens your space. Enjoy!