Context Matters: The Right Art in the Right Place

Key Takeaway: When buying art, it’s important to fall in love with the image, but where you place the image can radically change its impact on both you and your space. Talk to your artist or gallerist about ways to envision the piece in the space you’d like to place it before you buy.

While researching interesting art and artists to include in this website, I came across an artist listed as Daniel Bautista. It turns out Daniel is an entrepreneur, not a painter, but the paintings his company, PictoClub, creates are hand-painted originals. Their paintings tend to imitate and modernize the work of famous artists across styles and movements.

One piece I like by PictoClub is an oversized painting called LEONARDO (there’s no explanation provided by the company for the title or why it is in all caps). The style is that of Picasso and the other Cubists. It has a pleasing balance of forms and colors, but it’s not a particularly original piece.

In addition to having a set stock of “designs” you can choose to have painted on demand, you can also choose the size of the work and the framing. This is why they show the same piece in different orientations and at different sizes on their website. Which leads to the conversation at hand about the right piece in the right place.

As is illustrated by the examples below, the painting at a smaller scale seems busy and crowds the room. In the other, the same piece at a larger scale shines like a masterpiece.

What do you think?

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