Painting for painting 18no02 by Jun Youngjin

Warm Colors


The goal is to fall in love with each painting I create and this large mixed media piece might be my soulmate. We’ve had quite a journey together and at times it was contentious but in the end the hours of layering and removing and layering again paid off.… Read More

Higher Ground

Archival drawing paper, charcoal powder and acrylic paint were used to create individual mixed media paintings that were cut apart and reassembled on a wood panel. Sanding and distressing finished the piece. Wired and ready to hang.… Read More


Inspired by urban decay, this abstract painting is full of contrasts: it’s ethereal yet bold; vibrant but with just a hint of darkness; gritty, yet somehow light and lyrical. I am endlessly fascinated by rust, patina and peeling paint but maybe it’s also the hope of resurgence that draws me in—from decay and destruction comes renewal and even more beauty.… Read More