Zhanna Kondratenko

Happiness is doing what you really love. The art had been rooted in my mind since early childhood. And since that times painting had become the special tool of learning not only external world but also the inner one. I believe, we can find beauty and inspiration even in any trifle. Just look around…

Source: Saatchi Art

About the Artist

Zhanna Kondratenko Artist
I am interested in art with all its genres and styles. Thus, I love to experiment with different materials and techniques in painting (oil, water color) as well as in drawing, graphics and sculpture. There is one very important principle for me: never start working in a bad mood. Everything you have in your soul will be slopped about on the canvas. And it doesn’t matter do you want it or not. That’s why much of my works are bright, carry the positive, intense energy and deeply spiritual meaning.