Robert Gheyssens

We are often already hemmed in by too many images, too many woven, translucent icons which limit us in a centripetal whirlwind. In order to turn around, and not keep within us what liberated colours reveal, we just need to accept the boldness of the artist who has been able to smooth them out from our memories. All the strength of the work beckons us from the other side, a world with no scale, ready to welcome us in an intense perusal, so full of colours and movement, where the canvas is painted on the flat like a pure mirror of the sky intact, sensual and joyful. No order is set out in this genesis. No more lines, not one single strong line as in a classical, conventional composition, no costume to paint man between earth and sky.

Source: Saatchi Art

About the Artist

Robert Gheyssens Artist
References have disappeared so that an open space, overflowing with the scents of meadows and stellar freshness, can exist. On the opposite side, there is a dream which dreams of us. Dare we set aside time for contemplating to let the larva fly away from a painted bird’s beak which may, after all, rise higher than an accomplished butterfly...