Maxim Fomenko

His pictures, often interpretations of masterpieces of his role models Picasso, Bacon or Hockney are increasingly gaining humor. A work of perfect craftsmanship and a lot of humor In a modernized way, Maxim Fomenko uses the Old technique of "layer painting“. The artist fixes acrylic paint in bright primary shades on the canvas, before he creates his surreal figures with oil paint with a broad brushstroke. Picasso, classicism and sex are themes ironically reflected in his works.

Source: Saatchi Art

About the Artist

Artist Maxim Fomenko
A promising talent [with the] courage to leave things out. Maxim Fomenko's work is in significant public collections like the Bavarian State painting collection in Munich and in well-known private art collections in Germany and in the United states. The artist [has] showed his works in many solo exhibitions, for example in Vienna, Augsburg, Munich, and Nuremberg.