Lora Witt

As I explore the abundance of the West, my approach is to capture the overlooked parts of nature’s beauty and share it with my viewer. Whether my subject is spring shadows draping over a bleached poplar, autumn foliage swirling in a shallow pool, or tangled twigs surrounding a prickly pear cactus, each scene gives the viewer a glimpse ... an intimate landscape. I paint what I see from my vantage point. In this way, my viewer stands with me as I discover the inspiration of my next work.

Source: Lora Witt Studio

About the Artist

Lora Witt Artist
Each painting is based on a series of photographs that I capture during a hike or bike ride. Using oil paints, I apply several thin coats of pigment to develop a richer and more tangible feel. As the paintings evolve, I look to the words in my well worn anthology of Robert Frost poetry to inspire a title for each work.