Jitka Anlaufova

The key source of inspiration for my work is the landscape, or rather nature as a kind of primeval act of creation. This natural action is primarily manifested through the landscape.It is not, however, a landscape as a pleasing model, but as a complex image of the world, the universe, an interplay of the constitutive elements of earth, water, and light which enables us to see.

Source: Saatchi Art

About the Artist

Jitka Anlaufova Artist
In her present paintings, Jitka Anlaufova follows the Central European tradition of the spiritually oriented abstract painting, which examines and through artwork develops abstract forms emerging from structural nature of living matter. This kind of paintings allow to discover further layers and dimensions of reality, where the human intuition and sensibility for living organism and planetary fylogenetic story serve as a tool for orientation. [Written by Vera Jirousova via the artist's website]