Dariusz Labuzek

He lets himself be carried away without resistance in the direction indicated by the hand of intuitive lines, color, and form. His stimulating expression of the environment brings each viewer into effervescent, playful, and exciting world full of organic forms and shapes. Each piece might be a peculiar exploration of botanical, animal, and human shapes. ​ Somewhat the combination of illustrative and abstract styles gives his work a dreamy quality that transports the imagination into a whole other world that is waiting to be discovered. (Excerpt)

Source: Saatchi Art

About the Artist

Artist Dariusz Labuzek
Dariusz Labuzek’s primitive style paintings are inherently figurative, yet their naive imagery is predominantly design orientated, has an illustrative quality that is founded on an abstract painterly aesthetic. This juxtaposition of abstraction and design is what makes his pictures so compelling, his figures created as vessels to be filled by textures, colors, and ideas, beautiful compositions that conspire to feed our desire for aesthetically beautiful objects.