Cristina Migliorini

All of these vast and sparsely populated areas, where one feels one with nature, combined with the electrifying strength of the winds and the discovery of different lifestyles and human values, had a powerful effect on me, opening my eyes to a more subjective vision of life. The first time I had this experience, I felt the sudden need to take pictures, so I bought a camera and learnt photography. Since then, I've never stopped taking pictures, but I've also continued to paint and travel.

Source: Saatchi Art

About the Artist

Cristina Migliorini Artist
I was born in Italy in the past century and I've been drawing and painting since early childhood. Being a restless traveller and a linguist, after graduation I moved to Mougins, a hilltop village of the French Riviera where Picasso spent the last few years of his life. At the beginning of the new millennium, I visited Spain and travelled throughout the country. I was deeply impressed by the desert meseta around Madrid, the first landscape with limitless horizons I had ever seen in my life, where villages and cities may be hundreds of kilometers apart...