I miss you Frida

About the Painting

From the series "no face". Inspired by Frida Kahlo. The series is an answer to our time where everything is reduced and simplified. By using abbreviations in messages, we save time while maintaining the meaning of the message, the same principle I apply to this series. I leave the faces out because the viewer no longer needs them to recognize the person.From Artist's Statment at Saatchi Art
  • Artist: Maxim Fomenko
  • Created: Unknown
  • Media: Oil, Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 31.5" W x 39.4" H
  • Price: $3,200 at Saatchi Art

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About the Artist

Artist Maxim Fomenko
A promising talent [with the] courage to leave things out. Maxim Fomenko's work is in significant public collections like the Bavarian State painting collection in Munich and in well-known private art collections in Germany and in the United states. The artist [has] showed his works in many solo exhibitions, for example in Vienna, Augsburg, Munich, and Nuremberg.