Chick Watercolor

About the Painting

ongoing series of recreation and deconstruction of The Death of Sardanapalus by DelacroixFrom Artist's Statment at Saatchi Art
  • Artist: Hyunju Kim
  • Created: Unknown
  • Media: Oil on Canvas
  • Size: 14" W x 11" H
  • Price: $680 at Saatchi Art

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About the Artist

Artist Hyunju Kim
Hyunju Kim explores issues related to the subconscious, memory, and feeling through the process of painting. Her practice often searches the ungraspable connections between reality and dreams, as well as those between life and death. Her paintings reflect a deep fascination with psychoanalysis and dream interpretation, representing her own attempt to examine the dichotomy between waking life and the dream state. In her view, dreams revisit old memories that haven't fully assimilated and her paintings recall her own dreams.