Cada noche (Every night)

About the Painting

Evolutionary, agile, dynamic, big, small, colorful and expressive by nature ... so are my fish. Unique in its kind. Because they all come directly from my infinite subconscious giving me thousands of translucent or paste forms, gold or bright reds, deep blues or healing oranges ... Vivid and bright in the sea where wishes, shapes, volumes and textures live to, then, translate themselves into the canvas and give life to the beings that inhabit my being, willing to live with them in crystal clear water, in light and hope seas.From Artist's Statment at Artist's Website
  • Artist: Felix Murillo
  • Created: 2014
  • Media: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 47.2 W x 47.2 H
  • Price: $2850 at Saatchi Art

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About the Artist

Felix Murillo Artist
Although he considers himself to be a self taught artist, he is grateful to the artist Francisco Alvarado who was his mentor during more than three years at the school for Art and Decoration, ESEMPI, in San Jose Costa Rica. Before then he had already experimented with techniques such as acrylic, pastel painting, collages, ink, watercolor, charcoal, etc. At the school he expanded his artistic knowledge from history of Art, painting, installations of "Recycling Art" to psychology, photography and decoration, specializing in oil painting.