Air of Withering Sweetness

About the Painting

Sun dappled snow drift with dried Rabbit Brush. Note: This piece is either 28" x 14" or 48" x 24" but I'm not sure which. Given the way her other art is priced, I'd guess 48" x 24" but you should check with her before you buy it.From Artist's Statment at Saatchi Art
  • Artist: Lora Witt
  • Created: Unknown
  • Media: Oil on Canvas
  • Size: 48 W x 24 H
  • Price: $3210 at Saatchi Art

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About the Artist

Lora Witt Artist
Each painting is based on a series of photographs that I capture during a hike or bike ride. Using oil paints, I apply several thin coats of pigment to develop a richer and more tangible feel. As the paintings evolve, I look to the words in my well worn anthology of Robert Frost poetry to inspire a title for each work.