Artfinder Impact Report: Teaser

I couldn’t help but notice the awesomeness in today’s Artfinder email. On March 30th we’ll get to see the first-ever Artfinder Impact Report, which will outline their goals for 2020 and what they’re going to do to get there.

Check out these awesome impact stats!

I’m proud to include art and artists from Artfinder on this site, especially after seeing these terrific statistics about helping artists be artists (and not starving artists).

One reason artists struggle around the world is that there are gatekeepers. These are art school administrators, curators, museum staff, and auctioneers who decide which artists get to be in art school, galleries, museums, and auction houses. Groupthink seems to be prevalent among this crowd as so much emerging art is trendy and so many artists go unrepresented.

Platforms like Artfinder leverage the Internet to democratize art and impact the lives of artists. A more diverse base of artists gets to sell art, they get to represent more ideas from around the world, and they get access to potential collectors who don’t like the gallery experience IRL.

Hooray for Artfinder! Now go buy some art online.

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